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Paper That Fits Your Business.

Paper is our namesake and our cornerstone product. Since 1990, we’ve helped companies across Canada find the right paper for their business needs. Whether that’s everyday copy paper or specialized cover stock, we get the right paper in your hands when you need it. We’re your consultants to determine the best sheet for you.

Free Next Day Delivery

If you don’t have paper when you need it, it could jeopardize your business. That’s why White Paper Co. has free next day delivery. We understand the impact of being short on paper.

Competitive Pricing

We source paper from all over the world. Through national purchasing power and direct mill relationships, we negotiate the best costs and pass the savings onto you.

Volume Discounts

We always try to offer you the best prices possible. When you bulk buy with White Paper Office Solutions, we’re able to offer volume discounts. Contact us to find out how much you can save.

Free Warehousing

Office space can be expensive. With our warehousing program, we’ll store your paper until you need it free of charge. You’ll get to take advantage of large quantity discounts and save office space.

  • Copy Paper

    Everyday printing needs paper you can use every day. White Paper’s copy paper works flawlessly on every machine. Guaranteed! Try out our most popular sheet, our house brand Polar Plus (20lb, 92 bright) – view specification sheet.

  • Premium Paper

    Make your printed material stand out. Use premium grade sheets for proposals, colour copies, reports, and presentations. Try one of our best premium sheets, Hammermill Color Copy (28lb, 100 bright) – view specification sheet.

  • Recycled Paper

    For each box of paper you use per week, you can preserve 25 trees each year just be switching to recycled paper. Try our most popular recycled sheet, Polar Plus Recycled (20lb, 92 bright, 30% recycled) – view specification sheet.

  • FSC Certified Paper

    Buying FSC Certified paper assures you that the fibre used to make your paper came from responsibly managed forests. Try our most popular FSC Certified sheet, Domtar Earth Choice (20lb, 92 bright, FSC Certified) – view specification sheet.

  • Coloured Paper

    Don’t let our name fool you. White Paper Office Solutions offers paper in blue, canary, buff, cherry, grey, ivory, orchid, green, pink, goldenrod, salmon, and many many more. Try our selection of Hammermill Colors (20lb, 30% recycled) – view specification sheet.

  • Cover Stock

    Give your presentation an extra professional touch. Contact us for all our cover stock options.

  • Coated

    If you are looking for a glossy finished sheet for your proposals, we have a variety of weights and grades of coated stock.

  • Uncoated

    Uncoated paper is perfect for printed material with large amounts of text as it is easier on the eye.

  • Writing & Text

    The type of paper you use can send an intangible message of quality, integrity, and sustainability. Choose a type of paper that makes you stand out.

  • Plotter Rolls

    From smooth to vellum to bond, we have a full selection of engineering papers ready for use. Contact us to see the full list.

  • Carbonless Paper

    Need two, three, or four part messages for your memos and receipts? We carry a full line of carbonless papers.

  • Specialty Paper

    White Paper Office Solutions has thousands of types of paper options. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll find it.

  • Contact Us

    We’re here to be the best vendor in your supply chain. Let us prove it. Contact us by filling out the form to the right or contact us directly at one of our locations. VIEW ALL LOCATIONS

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