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About the Polar Bear

When White Paper Co. was established in 1990, the founders had a vision of creating a company that was different than a lot of companies at that time. They wanted White Paper Co. to be honest with its customers, ethical with its practices and transparent with everything they did. When it came time to decide what symbol would represent White Paper Co.'s pure vision, there was no symbol that was as obvious to use as the polar bear. Their vision of stability and longevity for the company was also accurately represented by the tremendous power and strength of the polar bear.

The polar bear has now been the face of White Paper Co. for over 20 years. We feel it accurately represents White Paper Co. as a company, our initiatives, our beliefs and our great white north identity. With almost half of the world's polar bear population in Canada, its Canadian presence parallels ours as a Canadian owned and operated company. The polar bear along with other animals, people and the environment around us are the reasons we continue to do our part in trying to preserve our planet.

Polar Bear Facts

Latin name: Ursus Maritimus (means "Sea Bear")
Average weight: 400 - 600 kg (males)
  150 - 250 kg (females)
Life expectancy: Approximately 25 years
Polar bear population: Estimated to be between 25,000 and 40,000 worldwide, with approximately 13,000 to 15,000 living in Canada.

Polar Bear's Habitat Threatened

  • 640,000 square kilometers of Arctic Sea have melted in the last 30 years (roughly the size of Ontario).
  • Canada's Western Hudson Bay population of polar bears has dropped 22% since the early 1980's.
  • Scientists predict that, if current warming trends continue in the Arctic, two-thirds of the world's polar bears could disappear by 2050.

We Think Green

White Paper Co. recognizes the importance of safeguarding the environment and has made a commitment to using and offering environmentally-friendly products. Learn more about our green initiatives.

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