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Trade Show Promotional Products

Trade show products are a great way to promote your business. Hundreds of companies and prospective buyers, all gathered in to one prestigious place with the same goal in mind: grow their business and make money. Having a booth at one of these places is a great way to bring your product and brand into the light, and get your business known.

Anyone who has ever been to one, though, knows that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of booths, all competing of the same eyes, and that you need to do something unique to stand out from the crowd. Our trade show products make sure that your reps and salesmen have the tools they need to get people in the business to remember you. It will create a brand in their head, and give them something to refer to later on when the show is done.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Promotional products for tradeshows are the fourth most popular promotional product application in Canada at 8%. They are behind business gifts (21%), brand awareness (13%) and public relations (9%). Promotional products for tradeshows can be a great way to draw traffic to your booth and send your message home with potential customers. Salespeople were also 22% more likely to receive referrals when using unique promotional gifts.

How to Select Tradeshow Promotional Products:

  1. Trade Show Promotional Products Price:End users say price is the most important factor when selecting promotional products for tradeshows. With so many visitors, it would be very expensive to give quality gifts to everyone. To combat this issue, an alternative solution would be to give out larger promotional products for those who have a serious conversation with you or who sat through a lengthy presentation at your booth.

  2. Trade Show Promotional Products Creativity: Visitors to your booth are more likely to remember your brand if the promotional product stood out to them. The more unique or unusual product they receive, the more likely they are to remember you.

Writing Instruments: Get more attention with pens that have multiple ink colours, are attached to lanyards and clips or have lights. Also try triangle-shaped highlighters and stars or a pen/highlighter combo.

Popular Tradeshow Promotional Product Ideas:

Writing Instruments: Get more attention with pens which have multiple ink colors, are attached to lanyards and clips or have lights. Also try highlighters shaped in triangles and stars or in a pen/highlighter combo.  

Office Tools: Office tool ideas include paper clips, plastic rulers, correction tape, staple removers, pencil sharpeners, letter openers, book marks, magnifiers, calculators, business card holders and tape measures.


Key chains: Give uniquely shaped key chains or ones with a bottle opener, whistle, compass, wind chill chart or thermometer.


Safety: Safe promotional product options include whistles, reflective safety tags and reflective or light up wristbands/armbands.


Flashlights: Flashlights and LED lights can be inexpensive and are useful.


Lifestyle: Give away essentials such as bandage dispensers, sunglass or pen clips, bag clips, sewing kits, compact mirrors, dental floss, travel brush/combs, nail files, ear plug or pill holder and pill cutters.


Badge holders: Badge holders can be retractable, eco-friendly, attached to clips and in different shapes.


Toys: Promotional toy ideas include bungee rockets, puzzle games, plastic hand fans, mini magnetic dart boards, stress grippers, flying discs or boomerangs.


Neoprene: Neoprene is used for many inexpensive promotional products such as collapsible can holders, bottle sleeves, wedge or putter covers, cell phone holders, wrist bands, computer sleeves, luggage handles, coasters and change or travel pouches.


Eco-Friendly Bags: Show your green commitment by giving away reusable totes, drawstring bags and insulated bags.

Trade Show Promotional Products Trade Show Promotional Products
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