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Promotional Corporate Gifts

The single largest application for promotional products in Canada is corporate gifts at 21 percent of the market. The popularity of promotional corporate gifts may be because of their effectiveness in obtaining and retaining customers with a no-strings attached pitch. Corporate gifts are a tangible way of saying thank-you to your customers or employees while helping build goodwill and your relationship.

How to Select Corporate Gifts:

  1. corporate gifts Quality: End users say quality is the most important factor when selecting corporate gifts. The gift should have a high-perceived value and should be a better version of the item they already have to ensure they use your product instead.

  2. corporate gifts Price: Price is the second most important factor when selecting corporate gifts. Giving away expensive gifts may not be realistic for your budget. The key to get the most out of your budget is by selecting the right items.

Popular Corporate Gift Ideas:


Gift Baskets: Attractively wrapped food baskets can have a big impact. Include promotional items such as a coffee mug, kitchen utensil or other useful items to constantly remind your recipients of you.


Bags: Luggage, tote bags and sports bags are a great way to say thank you. Choosing luggage which is part of a collection offers you the option of giving a complete set over a period of time. A tote bag offers you the option of stuffing it with an extra gift inside.


Drinkware: Stainless steel travel mugs, thermoses, coffee mugs and drinking glasses have universal appeal. Unusual or unique drinkware help get attention or add something extra such as candy or hot chocolate inside.


Blankets & Throws: What better way to create a "warm and cozy" feeling of appreciation than a soft, fuzzy blanket? Blankets & throws have a high perceived value and are particularly appreciated by women.


Apparel: Apparel is the most popular category of all promotional products. A nice polo or jacket will be worn time and time again providing continuous exposure for your brand.


Business & Office Accessories: Corporate gifts such as brief cases, pens, computer cases and portfolios are a great way to keep your company in mind of the recipient when they're in and out of the workplace.


Personal & Household Items: Choosing a gift that is meant to be used at home or shared with their family such as BBQ sets and picnic sets show that you recognize the importance of your recipients' life beyond the workplace.


Eco-Friendly Items: As people become more environmentally conscious, choosing eco-friendly promotional items as gifts show your commitment to the environment.


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